Wiper W07


Single acting wiper with static sealing lip on the outside diameter against the intrusion of dirt and has the support on wiper heel prevents twisting in the groove. Use in standardised housings acc to ISO 6195 Type A.

Wiper W07 has good prevention against dirt and water over outside diameter and easy instalation.

Standard hydraulic cylinders
Presses and injection moulding machines
Industrial vehicles, loading platforms and forklift truck
Earth moving and agricultural equipment
Mining, Support cilinders

Standard material
Material Base Polyurethane
Material Code U5017
Hardness 95 Shore A
Color Dark blue


Advantages of U5017 material

High mechanical properties
High wear resistance
Good abrasion resistane
Good media resistance

Running speed v Up to 2 m/s


Medium, Working Temperature
Material Code U5017
Hydraulic oils: HL, HLP -30 … +110 °C
HFA, HFB fluids +5 … +50 oC
HFC fluids -30 … +40 °C
Water +5 … +50 oC
Mineral greases -30 … +110 °C
Surface quality*
Surface roughness Ra Rmax
Sliding surfaces
Groove base ≤ 1,6 μm ≤ 6,3 μm
Groove flanks ≤ 3 μm ≤ 15 μm

* The surface roughness of the sliding surfaces corresponds to the sealing bar used