Rubber to metal parts

Precision rubber-to-metal parts are custom-made from a wide range of engineering elastomers and are intended for applications with high technical requirements. Metals such as brass, aluminum or stainless steel are the first choice for bonding to all types of elastomers. As your development partner, Polyseal offers you to design, develop and supply rubber-to-metal parts to suit your application.

Rubber-metal parts are precision components for reliable operation of various valves of brake systems. and other equipment of transport vehicles

Rubber-to-metal parts have advantages in terms of quality and performance and are therefore the right choice for installation in demanding valves of brake systems, especially for truck and rail transport.

With maximum manufacturing precision, with tight dimensional tolerances and high surface quality, rubber-to-metal parts as valve components exhibit exceptionally precise work that guarenteed the shortest possible braking path.

Brake system valve components are manufactured from the latest advanced materials and consist of aluminum, stainless steel, brass or plastic and high performance elastomers.