Multi-material components composed of an elastomer with metal or plastic carriers, fixed to one another chemically and/or mechanically. The bush is designed to accommodate small torsion, conical and axial movements and endure radial loads


The bush is an flexible element made up of 2 concentric tubes between which there is an elastomer bonded to tubes. Under the effect of external forces or torques, the relative movement of the tubes will cause an elastic deformation of the elastomer.


Elastic articulations on vibrating machines
Bearing blocks for shafts
Axles, steering gears and couplings

Use of the bushes in restrictive conditions:

  • temperatures above 70°C,
  • prolonged contact with aggressive liquids,
  • aggressive environments, such as oil or gasoline,
  • prolonged contact with acids or alkalis,
  • aggressive atmospheres (e.g. ozone, chlorine)

can accelerated ageing of the bushes, and cause the degradation or even the destruction of the rubber.

Standard bushings are usually made of natural rubber. This material was chosen for its good dynamic properties. The recommended rubber guarantee good service life and limited creep with use under normal conditions.

Standard material
Material code A6142 A6190 A6210 A7321 N3053
Material Base NR NR NR NR NBR
Hardnees, Shore A 40 45 60 70 60