Bellows protect moving parts against external influences like dirt and prevent the loss of lubricants. Available in all kinds of designs. The bellows have a variety of applications, mainly used for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, in machine-building, in agricultural machines and construction equipment and many other industries.

Bellows are protective elements consisting of a moving part and two conecting end in form ring band for fastening. Bellows are able to follow axial movements within their limits from compressed length – Lmin to extended length – Lmax
Bellows are used in control systems, chassis and drive systems and protect moving parts from external influences and lubricant spillage.
They protect axially moving rods and machine parts from dirt, splashing water, dust or weather.
Also they are best protective seals for ball joints and articulated shafts.

Hydraulic cylinders applications
Pneumatic cylinders applications
Ball joints sealing
Moving rods

Medium; Working Temperature Chloroprene rubber Nitrile rubber
Temperature -40 … +100 °C -50 … +100 °C
Mineral oil resistance Good very good
Mineral grease resistance Good very good
Dynamic load resistance very good Good

  • The moving part of the bellows must not come into contact with sharp edges.
  • It is necessary to avoid continuous wear on the moving parts of the machine.
  • It is necessary to ensure that during axial movements there is sufficient ventilation to prevent the creation of a vacuum or the accumulation of pressure inside the bellows, which leads to excessive deformation.
  • Torsional loading of the bellows should be avoided.


In addition to the standard materials CR and NBR, the products can be delivered also in special materials like EPDM, HNBR, FKM or VMQ.

Material Polychloroprene  rubber (CR) Nitrilbutadiene rubber (NBR) Thermoplastični elastomer (TPE)
Material code C3852 C3322 C3621 N3150 N3166 N7151 U5239
Temperature range(°C) -40 to +100 -40 to +100 -60 to +80 -40 to +100 -40 to +100 -50 to +100 -40 to +120
Hardness, (ShoreA) 42 50 60 50 60 70 42 D
Properties Excellent resistance to water, aging, weathering and ozone. Good resistance to mineral oils and greases. Excellent resistance to mineral oils and greases. Good resistance to weathering and ozone.  Excellent resistance to mineral oils and greases, ozone and weathering.