Radial Seal MR19

Radial Seal MR19 is double-acting rod seal and are used in hydraulic rotary transmission systems.
It seals the pressure lines from each other and are suitable for high hydraulic pressures in the case of pivoting motions.
It consists of a rubber part with fabric reinforcement on the sliding surface, which thanks to two edges forms an oil groove and two plastic anti-extrusion rings.High and secure static sealing, also high and low temperature resistance in case of suitable compound selection. For small sizes under 50 mm or big sizes up to 750 mm contact us for availability or code indentification.

Swivel joints
Hose reels

Standard material
Material Set Code N4271
Material base NBR Rubber
Fabric Cotton
Back ring Polyamide based

For low temperature applications, or excellent medium-rubber compatibililty in special applications a few materials are recommended and available on request

Pressure, Speed
Working pressure, P Max 20 Mpa
Running speed v, Up to 0.2 m/s

Medium, Working Temperature
Material Code N4271
Hydraulic oils: HL, HLP -30 … +80 °C
HFA, HBA fluids +5 … +60 oC
HFC fluids -30 … +60 °C
Water +5 … +80 oC
Mineral greases -30 … +80 °C

Ød emax ØD
10 … 750 mm H8/f8 H9

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