Radial Seal MR17

Radial Seal MR17 is double-acting rod seal and are used in hydraulic rotary transmission systems.
It seals the pressure lines from each other and are suitable for high hydraulic pressures in the case of pivoting motions.

It consists of rubber part that firmly carry fabric blocs on both side providing lubrications on sliding surfaces. These fabric bloks contacting surfaces of housing prevent the seal from extruding into the sealing gap and circumference deformation. Has high and secure static sealing.

Swivel joints
Hose reels

Standard material
Material Set Code N4271
Material base NBR Rubber
Fabric Cotton

For very low temperature applications up to -60 C, or excellent medium-rubber compatybility in special applications a few materials are recommended and
available on request.

Pressure, Speed
Working pressure, P Max 20 Mpa
Running speed v, Up to 0.1 m/s

Medium, Working Temperature
Material  Code N4271
Hydraulic oils: HL, HLP -30 … +80 °C
HFA, HBA fluids +5 … +60 oC
HFC fluids -30 … +60 °C
Water +5 … +80 oC
Mineral greases -30 … +80 °C

Ød emax ØD
≤ 60 H9/f8 H9
> 60 H8/f7 H9


Surface finish*
Surface roughness Ra Rmax
Sliding surfaces 0.05 .. 0,3μm ≤ 2.5 μm
Groove base ≤ 1.6 μm ≤ 6.3 μm
Groove flanks ≤ 3 μm ≤ 15  μm
For diameters < 40 mm open grooves are required