The basic principle of hydropower is the use of water to drive turbines. Large reservoir hydropower dams can store water for short or long periods to meet peak demand. Inside the dams there are many tunnels with gates for safe closing. Poliseal’s GS120 gate sealing solution is designed to meet unique system requirements and is based on the company’s expertise in materials and products.

Wind is used to generate electricity using the kinetic energy created by moving air. That energy is then transformed into electricity using wind turbines. The wind first hits the turbine blades, causing them to rotate and turn the turbine connected to them. The kinetic energy of the wind is transformed into rotational energy which then drives a shaft connected to a generator and thus produces electricity.
The amount of power that can be harvested from wind depends on the size of the turbine and the length of its blades. The output is proportional to the dimensions of the rotor and to the cube of the wind speed. 

Commonly used machinery and equipment

Dam gates
Wind turbines

Commonly used seals

Gate seals GS120
V-Ring MA