Quality assurance

“We can introduce you to our activities designed to ensure that quality is built into the process and also show you all our activities designed to ensure that the process actually achieves the desired quality levels.
Perhaps you want to know how we have secured our process? We electronically record our process, compare, calculate and evaluate data.
In all our standard processes all information from the chemical manufacturer over batch number and test data, curing conditions with other relevant data and data for other processes is incorporated into the serial number and can be retrieved from the database.
We can offer full traceability “

As manufacturer we follow one goal to get: safe processes, excellent products, best services and long-term processes reliability. If there are some changes in operating conditions or life cycle extensions, we can ensure adequate adjustment or modification of our products and cover this providing by quality assurance, too.

Polyseal also offer special services:
Want to avoid mistakes or help a client track products on apps or marketplaces? We can offer products in different colors.

Perhaps you want to engrave or print an item number or serial number on each product? We have an easy way for specific identifications.

You need installation tools or want to have special handling and packaging capabilities? Contact us …