Fluid Conector Seal S55


Fluid Connector Seal S55 is an elastomer axial static seal for threaded ports and stud ends in hydraulic fluid power applications in accordance with ISO 1179 and ISO 9974.

The S55 fluid connector seal withstands working pressures up to 63 Mpa, has no relative movements during pressure cycles and has minimal mechanical deformation of the cross-section.
Outstanding sealing behavior over wide operating temperature range and high leak tightness are also advantages. 


Injection molding machines and machine tools.
Earth moving machines and agricultural machines
Materials-handling technology, excavators
Valves for hydraulic circuits
Fitnings and threaded tube conections general in industry in general

Standard material
Material code N4280 F9183 E5542
Material base NBR 85 Shore A FKM 80 Shore A EPDM 80 Shore A
Hardness 85 Shore A 80 Shore A 80 Shore A

The seal is available in Nitrile Rubber for good low temperature performance, Fluoroelastomer for superior high temperature operation and media compatibility, Etilene-Propilene elastomer and also for specific fluid on request.

Pressure, Speed
Working pressure, P Up to 63 Mpa

The groove dimensions are in accordance with DIN 3582 part 11