Rod-Piston U-Ring RP0


U-Ring RP0 is single acting seal with symmetrical profile. Recommended up to 10 Mpa working pressure. An back-up ring will extended working pressure up to 16 Mpa.
U-Ring RP0 has very good static and dynamic tightness and wide operating temperature range. RP0 look for simple, inexpensive groove and it is good choice for specific requirements.

Loading platforms
Standard and special cylinders.
Forestry equipment
Agriculture equipment

Standard material
Material Set Code N4280 F9193
Material base NBR FKM
Hardness, Shore A 85 85

For very low temperature applications of -40 °C, or -50 °C even down to -60 C, or excellent oils-rubber compatybility in special applications a few materials are recommended and available on request

Pressure, Speed
Working pressure, max 10 Mpa
Running speed v, max 0,5 m/s

Medium, Working Temperature
Material Set Code N4280 F9193
Hydraulic oils: HL, HLP -30 to +100°C -15 to +200°C
HFA, HBA  fluids +5 to +60°C
HFC fluids -30 to +60°C
HFD fluids -15 to +200°C
Water +5 to +90°C
Mineral greases -30 to +100°C -15 to +200°C

Max. permissible gap dimension, emax
Max operating pressure S ≤ 7,5mm S > 7,5mm
5 Mpa 0.35 0.40
10 Mpa 0.25 0.30
16 Mpa 0.15 0.20

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