Axial seal V-Ring MA

V-ring MA is deflector seal designed for axial acting and made from an elastomeric materials.
The V-Ring prevent the ingress of dirt, dust or water into bearing on rotary shafts at the same time retaining the grease. It can be used as secondary seal to protect primary seal in hostile environments. The V-Ring is mounted stretched directly on the shaft, where it is held in place by the inherent rubber forces. It rotates with the shaft and seals axially. It is in contact with an stationary counterface, perpendicular to the shaft.
The sealing lip is flexible and applies small contact pressure against the counterface allowing the seal to run dry in many applications

To protect roller bearings and gears in wind turbines
Iron and steel industries
Pulp and papers industries

Standard material
Material base NBR HNBR FKM
Material code N6783 H3106 F9172
Mineral oils -40 … +100 oC -30 … +130 oC -10 … +180 oC
Mineral grease -40 … +100 oC -30 … +130 oC -10 … +180 oC
Water +5 … +100 oC +5 … +100 oC +5 … +80 oC

Pressure, Speed
Pressure 0,03 Mpa 0,03 Mpa 0,03Mpa
Sliding speed 20 m/s 20 m/s 25 m/s
Axial support
At circumferential speeds of the V-Ring MA seal of approx. 6-8 m/s, it is necessary to maintain the correct distance of the sealing lip from the contact surface of the housing, and this is achieved through the axial support on the shaft.
Radial fixing
At higher circumferential speeds of approx. 10-12 m/s, the seal body is under the influence of centrifugal forces, so it tends to separate from the shaft. Then it is necessary to ensure the function of radial fixing of the seal body.
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Surface quality
Roughnees Ra Rmax
Sliding surfaces ≤ 0.8 μm ≤ 2.5 μm
Housing ≤ 4.0 μm ≤ 15.0 μm


Nominal size