Rod-Piston U-Ring RP1


U-Ring RP1 is single acting seal with symmetrical profile. It is used for back to back installation for Piston application.

U-Ring RP1 has obvious advantages: Simple, inexpensive groove and easy instalation without tools

Loading platforms
Standard cylinders.
Special cylindrers
Forestry equipment
Agriculture equipment

Standard material
Material Set Code U5002
Material base Polyurethane
Hardness 94 Shore A
Color Dark blue to black

Advantages of U5002 material
High mechanical properties
High wear resistance
Good media resistance

Pressure, Speed
Working pressure, max 30 Mpa
Running speed v, max 0,5 m/s

Medium, Working Temperature
Material Set Code U5002
Hydraulic oils: HL, HLP -30 to +110°C
HFA, HBA  fluids +5 to +60°C
HFC fluids -30 to +40°C
Water +5 to +50°C
Mineral greases -30 to +110°C

Max. permissible gap dimension, emax
Max operating pressure S ≤ 7,5mm S > 7,5mm
16 Mpa 0.35 0.40
26 Mpa 0.30 0.35
36 Mpa 0.25 0.30

Surface finish*
Surface roughness Ra Rmax
Sliding surfaces ≤ 0.3μm ≤ 2.5 μm
Groove base ≤ 1.6 μm ≤ 6.3 μm
Groove flanks ≤ 3.0 μm ≤ 15.0 μm
Chamfer ≤ 4 μm ≤ 16 μm

*Contact area Mr = 50% to 90% at cutting depth c=Rz/2 and reference line Cref=0%