Piston Seal Set P12

Piston  P12 seal set is duoble acting seal for heavy duty applications.Set  P12 is consisting of one rubber energising element, PTFE modified sliding ring, and two back-up ring made in POM
High resistance to pressure with peak pressure up to 60 Mpa, good protection against axtrusion even at large radial gaps, high resistance to abrasion and low friction and without the appearance of stick-slip.

Earth moving equipment
Lifting machines
Industrial vehicles
Heavy duty cylinders

Standard material
Material Set Code SN121 SN221
NBR 85 ShA N4280 N5180
PTFE Bronze T1004 ‘T1004
POM P6221 P6221

Pressure, Speed
Working pressure, max 50 Mpa 50 Mpa
Running speed v,max 1,5 m/s 1,5 m/s
Medium, Working Temperature
Material Set Code SN121 SN221
Hydraulic oils: HL, HLP -30.. +100 ˚C -15.. +80 ˚C
Mineral greases -30.. +100 ˚C -15.. +80 ˚C
Max. permissible gap dimension, emax
Profil Size Max operating pressure
S mm 16 MPa 26 MPa 32 Mpa 40 Mpa
7 0,8 0,7 0,5 0,3
7,5 0,9 0,8 0,5 0,3
11,5 1 0,9 0,6 0,4

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